Keith cuts a familiar figure in his neighbourhood with his distinctive ear muffs, brisk walking gait and a quirk for picking up brochures from stores. No one bats an eyelid. They have grown accustomed to his mannerisms over the years and treat him with patience and understanding.

Being brought up in a safe and accepting environment has imbued Keith with a quiet confidence to venture further. Turning nineteen this year, he works as a trainee under SG Enable’s School-to-Work Transition Programme. On the cusp of independence, he enjoys the freedom of travelling by himself and would occasionally deviate from his usual route to explore new places.

He looks forward to regular outings with two of his friends—Ludi, 21, an undergraduate and Ee Ming, 28, a freelance writer. The trio has found ways to connect even though Keith is minimally verbal. They enjoy going on nature walks and exploring Singapore


Since he was young, Jun-Yi, 26, has been fascinated with animals and insects. He would not bear to hurt even the ants at home. A staple diet of National Geographic and Wildlife TV has expanded his knowledge of the animal kingdom, while drawing has become a channel of communication for him.

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